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TriathaNewbie.com Portfolio

1/5Homepage Design & Development


  • Designed all layouts, web graphics and icons using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop
  • Designed the User Interface and Information Architecture
  • Programmed all functionality using Adobe DreamWeaver (html, css and javascript)
  • Responsible to tracking Google Analytics
  • Responsible for all sponsorship and affiliate accounts
  • Responsible for managing contributing writers
  • Responsible for writing some content and approving all content

TriathaNewbie.com accolades include a feature in Triathlete Magazine:

"Your one stop shop for beginner triathletes. We're talking total beginners. The website covers everything from how to put on a swim cap, proper bike etiquette, what to wear in a race and what to do on race day. Aimed at getting people from the couch to their first sprint triathlon, it includes resources such as a list of triathlon events, categorized by state, and fields questions from readers"


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