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Massachusetts Nurses Association Portfolio

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Associate Director, Web Coordinator at Massachusetts Nurses Association

  • Website maintenance using Adobe DreamWeaver; updates in custom CMS Digitalus, which is similar to custom Open-Source Zend and PHP/MySQL
  • Intranet concept and maintenance; Content writer and decision-maker; trained staff to use and value intranet though training session and weekly image-rich emails
  • Coordinating with MNA Labor Reps, Assistants and Members to ensure that timely accurate content filters to 85 separate Bargaining Unit pages; teaching Bargaining Units how to use their pages
  • Region Website concept and maintenance; coordinating with MNA Region Assistants to develop 5 Region websites that filter region-specific information to the user
  • Website design, development and maintenance using Adobe DreamWeaver and PhotoShop for Brigham & Women's Hospital MNA Website, mnabwhrn.org
  • Billboards created through Adobe PhotoShop; Spot Illustrator for Massachusetts Nurse, monthly publication, created through Adobe Illustrator

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