User Interface Design is the key to navigating through all of the wonderful graphics and functions of a website. Without it, users can miss the point of being on your company's website. Let us help your users reach the goal of your website as simply and efficiently as possible!'s main demographic is 25-45yr old men and women looking to complete their very first triathlon. General swim, bike and run information needs to be accessible from every page on the website, but there is much more to this website than just those thee sections. There are viewer questions, contributing writer articles on various topics, affiliate links, training and gear section to cross-reference on multiple levels. Click-on-Nik gathered the requirements and created user-scenarios which would map out the goals of the website.


  • Some users are there to tire-kick the idea of triathlon, wanting top-level information only and others want to research every aspect of triathlon training and competitions.
  • The Challenge: To create user paths through the website that will give each user a unique, and fulfilling experience.
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