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Massachusetts State House

Project Highlights:
Lead User Interface/ Information Architect/ Web Graphics Designer at Massachusetts State House

The level of complexity designing the User Interface and Information Architecture of the Massachusetts State House Website was a great challenge. After educating the State House staff on standard web practices and working thoroughly with the Design Committee's requirements, we were able to design a simple flow that allowed all users (no demographic specified) to effectively navigate the website.


  • The Massachusetts State House is required to track every proposed bills and existing law of the Commonwealth. Bills and Laws are tracked many ways: People pages (officials who endorse the bill or law); Committee pages (the committee currently hearing the bill); Events pages (the date on which the hearing will happen and the agenda); and actual Bills & Laws pages.
  • The Challenge: To simplify the process of finding any given bill or law in its current status and create a flow between sections that bring the user to their intended goal, which could be the actual text of the bill/law, the endorsee, the current committee and/or hearing date.
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