User Interface Design is the key to navigating through all of the wonderful graphics and functions of a website. Without it, users can miss the point of being on your company's website. Let us help your users reach the goal of your website as simply and efficiently as possible! Staples®, Business Advantage

Staples®, Business Advantage

Project Highlights:
StaplesŪ, Business Advantage

Staples® Business Advantage's internal Key Supply Program needed a website for sales associates to track their supplies. Click-on-Nik worked the marketing department's requirements to design a flow that was easy and efficient.


  • Sales associates need to access information such as News & Reminders, Program Guidelines & Activity Request Forms, Special Offers, Creative Guidelines & Staples Logos, FTP Site Instructions, Sales & Marketing, Contact Information, Key Supplier Program Manual PDF very quickly.
  • The Challenge: To display this information in an interactive way so that the sales associates can find information as quickly as possible and not lose the sale.
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